This Album Is A Sovereign Nation

"Fuck, damn, these guys are good! By the way, I kind of don't think they are conservatives. Hardcore punk, almost thrashing at times, but they slide off into a weird, out-of-balance slowska/psychotic reggae (rock-unsteady?) on track four. Then back to being very reminiscent of early Husker Du with nihilistic songs about women and jobs and nuclear contamination. I do wish they had printed all the damned lyrics. They're from Cleveland, original home of many other great punk bands. I've never heard, or heard of these guys before--if this is a first album I'm in awe. I'm serious; anyone who loves Husker Du should pick this up, it's comparable to 'Everything Falls Apart'."

Flipside, Jan/Feb 1998

A combination of high-performance leading-edge technology and raw, nervous energy, the Conservatives provide a faster, smaller, and cheaper alternative to the "punk rock".

Since 1995, the Conservatives (Jack Shit - vocals; Stefan Diego Ravello - guitars Jeffrey Fontaine - drums and Martin Fierro - the bass guitar) have thrown down opening for bands such as The Subhumans, Cash Money, Mike Watt, The New Bomb Turks, Nashville Pussy, the Pink Lincolns, and more.

Their first CD, THIS ALBUM IS A SOVEREIGN NATION, is the third from the growing City of Romance catalog, and was also released by Cleveland-based Sonic Swirl Records. For ordering info, email the City of Romance.