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"...stick to your media whores and like what is stuffed down your throats, it is the american way. The bands that were mentioned in the original posting do not claim to have all the answers for you only for them and in this city, that is rare, you see Cleveland as of late has been pushing bands in the local press that really have no desire to push the envelope, only to merely lick it and securely seal themeselves in and It is postmarked about a year or three too late. It is of course a matter of opinion and you all obviously have them some seem to feel threatened, please don't we will not force ourselves on you because we don't exist for that purpose. It is something that must be sought out when the time is right. If you have no interest fine there are no solutions Cleveland needs agitators we my friends will be known as the people either you love or you hate unaffected by neither."
City of Romance is an independent rock music collective based in Cleveland, Ohio. It is currently a loosely-knit group of bands whose goal is to release quality music, live and on recordings. Although we strive to avoid pigeonholing and aesthetic straitjackets, our bands are influenced by punk, post-hardcore, new wave and good old-fashioned pop.
At the present time, addresses and phone numbers will be given upon email request.
If you're interested in trading shows, send us CD/vinyl/cassettes first, please, and we'll consider it.

Keep your eyes peeled--we're always updating this site.

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