What's happening, people?
"There is an invisible movement here in this fair city that is shaking the foundation that was created years ago it started five years ago and has and will go on for many more. Music of pure contrary positions, and in this city, when seen and heard the attitude is fear. "
Get a life, get a job.
"They at the city of romance say please ignore us it is easier to achieve destruction that way. The list of members is only growing hour by hour. bands like The Conservatives, Viva Caramel, Sheilbound, The Divine Invasion, The Thirteen Days, The Plastics, are here in Cleveland affected by nothing and infected with everything that is pure and honest."
These people aren't making any sense, dear. Let's go home.
"So don't say I didn't warn you and Romance the Idea of a City that exists only in thoughts."
move ahead